The Tale of I and the Akademie de Künste

I like myself. I like the woman I am.
I do not see why I should downplay (insert word here) any aspect of myself to make people feel comfortable - to fit into their image of what I should be. This does not refer to the corporate aspect of my life, but to the creative one and its expressions.
So.. I am meant to perform the Spoken Word. Why should I wear kente and do the whole “Badu” look ? To fit in the ideals or expectations of how a spoken word artist should look ? 

If I feel like walking on the stage in blood red patent six inch stiletto pumps (Jimmy Choo Anouk style of pumps), shiny black leather pants, thin gold belt clinching my waist, cream colored mid-sleeve silk blouse with NO BRA and a chic weave (no afro, etc).. why does this image seem incompatible with the words coming out of my mind ? 
I like myself. I love my body. I adore fashion.

I love flowers, pink. colours, puppies and designer items.
Why I can I not be this way and still produce poetry. The kind of poetry that cau…

Rabbit Hole Citizenship

Curiousity is an awesome thing.  It makes life an easier and highly experience. you don't plod through. you prance through; hopping from meadow to meadow with a large grin on your face. Even when Life (you know she's a female dog, so she must bite occasionally) rattles you - it's only external, strictly environmental.

It never gets to that place withinn you.

That raging fire that burrrns within, withIn the abyss of your light. your truth. your ABSOLUTELY unshakeAble belief in yourSelf.  It is not sentimental.  If it improves the journey, great.  If it doesn't, so dropping it like hot coal.

Ready to burn, baby, burn.

Will ALWAYS burn.


Sweet Rich Berry

This is such a genuine action by the Mayor and it transcends commendable.  GOD bless you, Mayor Richard J. Berry. #SweetMan #SweetName 💋💋💋
Sometimes, the best thing you can do for people is give them a little dignity. Look at the joy, laughter and high spirits of the men at work. People someTimes underEstimate the value of actual labour and what it does to the human spirit.  

Mer... made-or-not ?

Mermaids have always fascinated me, for as long as I can remember.The amphibian hybrid with a discernible human element. This must put them high up on the food chain, under the sea. 
Are they colonizing all marine life due to their “human” element ? How does the human element even function ? How do they birth their young ? Is it as hatchlings ? laying of eggs ? Birthing them whole (human style) ? How do their brains function ? Do they have the ability to reason ? Wonder if they have a developed thought pattern (a la the residents of Atlantis) ? 
Perhaps, they still live in Atlantis, with technology so advanced, that they have shielded the city from any human (and non-marine life) discovery.. using invisible force fields.
I believe mermaids exist.
My belief is based on logic and science, not sentiments.
Perhaps, it is the hubris of humans to imagine that they do not exist, considering there have been sightings by deep sea fishermen and cave drawings through the ages, indicating their physic…


I look at myself and realize,
I have beCome the WOMAN,
The little girl I was always,
dreamed about beComing.

The woman I am today Ich mag sie, draußen Ich mag sie, innen

I also respect and appreciate myself all I have overCome. My strength of character, intellect, wisdom courage and... FAITH. The heart and the spirit. A ball of warmth is emanating from my lower diaphragm and suffusing my entity.

Je suis fier de ce que je suis aujourd'hui. Très fier.

The Stars That Burn Too Bright

Your eyes are beautiful....
Started watching the link above, and for the first time since she died; I broke down and sobbed deeply from within at the unbelievable loss. Delayed reaction, I guess......
Whitney will never sing again. I think this video just brought it all home to me. What she did was GROSSLY irresponsible. She owed it to her fans to. Stay. Alive. 
Whitney is dead... before the age of fifty (50) years. The loss is inexplicable. Watching her free spiritness and joyful nature, how it radiates through the years.... and that VOICE. Some stars are too bright, perhaps too bright to physically burn forever.  Although, her star will burn forever. Rest In Peace, Whitney Houston. I hope you are in a happier and peaceful place now. It will be grossly unfair, if there is a hell; for you to be there. Not with the joy and beauty you brought to this world. The world shone brighter because you passed through. Why do the good ones have to go quickly ? Why ?? I still have not come to terms…


The quest....  _____                                  \                                    \_____                                               \                                                 \____                                                          \                                                           \/
                                                            To follow that star ø*
                                                                           )                                                                         /                                                                     /

Dons Of Justice

I have been having sleepLess nights thinking about the upComing "Dawn Of Justice". This is the movie that will put to rest the age long dispute of Superman vs Batman, though I think it be a draw beCause if either defeats the other; they will  have a full scale riot on their hands from Team Super or Team Bat. I hope I do not faint in the cinema while watching this. I cannot imagine Superman and Batman in a face off. (Sexy sexy)Henry Cavill and (sexy sexy)Ben Afleck - both square jawed, both full haired with incredible hairlines, both insanely buff. Henry Cavill is such a sexy beast, but I will take dark, brooding, greying templed, baboon-like walking, smiling-out-of-the-side-of-his-mouth, tight pert bottomed Afleck any day. Le gentleman has got sides to him that you need to go deep diving to unCover.
Initially, when I heard Ben Afleck was going to play Batman; I thought - the end has arrived. This franchise is over. How can they use a failed superhero (Daredevil) to play (one …


Trek wide and far till your feet are sore and blistered; till your eyes alight in wonder and your heart is bursting with experiences. Sail far and wide against the elements. Face your fears and own them. Sail far till the smile never leaves your face and you are engorged with childish delight. 

Go, now.  Tomorrow will wait...

Bugattini Veyronous.

This is just... #NoWords
The 2015 Bugatti ''Vision Gran Turismo'' 8.0 W16 1500 Hp 463 Km/h 287 mph  #BEAST. I cannot imagine the vibration of the engine. The smell of the leather. The smooth feel of the compact steering wheel in that heavenly looking cockpit
I am with you in spirit. *sigh* *sigh* *sigh*

To Infinity, non Beyond?

I have been torn withIn mySelf lately… I have arrived at a crossRoad, a point where I have to make a decision regarding my mind. In the past, it was easy for me to mentally hop like a kangaroo from one subject to another. Zip here. Zap here.One second thinking of science, the second thinking of philosophy and how magical the scholars and philosophers must have been in Ancient Greece; with their togas and leafy headBands, their nose; their gods. 
That now takes ones thoughts to Rome, to the grandeur of the coliseum. The gladiators. The debauchery. The perversions. The decadence. Think “Caligula” - no, not an exaggeration but an accurate depiction of the times. Not really a fan of Persian hedonism. Mainly Greek, Roman, Egyptian civilisations. Norse. Vikings. Barbarians. My interest has recently been piqued by African civilisations… the beautiful Dark people. The best DNA. Great genetics. The excitement of science. Astronomy. Complex equations. The breathTaking speed of the advancements …


To think that this is a fourteen year old girl and a seventeen year old boy. Chidren. Just children. Such great minds. This is what happens when your do not try to mould your children into the status quo but let them fly free and find themSelves as individuals withOut a care for being part of a social machine. They can change the world.
Will and Jada should be given parent of the century awards and I am sure they sleep easy every night knowing that with or withOut them; the future of their offSprings are set on their sure path for life, supporting each other. Close knit. Unbreakable bond. Will Smith is a visionary, a wise family man and a true genius. He truly underStands what is important in life. A great father, great husband, great actor, great rapper. Most of all, he succeeded where it mattered most - as a great human being whose name will outLive him, in more ways than one.
These children rejected formal education (and the parents respected their decision) and decided to educate…

Openstanding Others.

There is a difference between understanding someBody and knowing how to underStand someOne. The former is from limited perspective while the latter is from an infinite.  Open mind. Open life.

Poison A. Cooper

I want to hurt you just to hear you screeeeam my name...
I want to love you but I better not touch
I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop
I want to kiss you but I want it too much
I want to taste you, but your lips are venomous poison

you're poison running through my veins
I don't want to break these chains

your mouth, so.. hot
your web, I'm caught
your skin, so moist
Black leather, on sweat

My cruel device
Blood like ice
One look could kill
your pain, my thrill

I hear you calling and it's needles and pins
I want to hurt you just to hear you screaming my name
Don't want to touch you, my fingers are singed.. but you're under my skin

Burnin' deep inside my brain
Flowing deeeeeep inSide my veins.

⇉  Eternally Alice.

Dystopian Abstratangibilities©

I crave a utopian society. 

A dream, I know. As I cannot imagine any aspect of this world ever achieving that ideal, considering its appalling state of dystopian realities.

I crave a utopian existence. 

Unfortunately, absolutely unrealisable as one still has to co-exist with the external dsytopian and uber dysfunctional society. Perhaps, someDay I might create one. A society of pure constructive freedom. Constructive, because freedom without boundaries will result in anarchy.
Paradox? Nay. Contradictory? Nay. Nay. Absolute freedom is a (realistic) myth same way a utopian society is.

So, I will continuue to trudge through the murky waters of everyDay realties; and perhaps, someDay: I may be able to run stark naked into the ocean and swim to the ficticious island withOut having to reTurn to the human cesspool.

Till then, I can only dream...